arlette Laan


Welcome to my website! Bear with me for the moment, it'll be redesigned this fall. To see my current inventory check out my online shop here. I'll be hiking in Colorado until mid September so inventory may be limited. If you're interested in reading about my hikes and travels check out my trailjournals at or look up my Apple Pie Hikes facebook page

If you want to contact me just fill out the form in the 'About' section.

I currently have some of my embroidered dollies in Acton, MA at Handworks Gallery, in Concord NH at the Marketplace New England

Upcoming events: November 24-26, Worcester craft festival at the Worcester Center for Crafts.

If you like my work, please feel free to like my Facebook Page. I post my new dolls and upcoming shows so you'll always be up to date!

Photography, dolls and all images © Arlette Laan, all rights reserved.